Build high performing team

Build high performing teams if you want to build great products

The team is the place where the magic happens and you know it when you see a high performing team:
Team members are willing to make decisions, take risks, help each other. They value clear communication and diversity in general and trust each other. You can observe that also by the way they deal with internal and external conflict openly and transparently.

Does knowledge build great products?

Does the team with the best subject matter experts always builds the best products?

You can put your best performers in a team and you will notice that if they are not capable to collaborate with each other nothing will go forward. Great collaboration is required to innovate and this is where relationships really come into play.

Start having the right discussions

Not everybody at work needs to be your best friend, but we need to recognise that we go into relationship with our colleagues in order to succeed together. If you work in a team that doesn’t value and taking care of how you are together start having the discussion:

  • Who and how do we want to be as a team?
  • What do we want the culture of our team to be?
  • What communications do we appreciate, what do we need to develop?
  • How can we use our diversity?
  • How do we stay in touch with each other?

if you have difficulties having those discussions around these questions, it could be a sign that you should invest in soft-skills training and coaching of teams. My team development program can improve teams effectively.

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