Specialised in building teams that perform.

Are you looking for a fresh start with your team, or are you coping with issues such as friction, conflict, lack of accountability, or safety?

I can assist you on building strong relationships among team members to facilitate faster resolution of conflicts and frictions, ultimately creating an environment for innovation and effectiveness.

Does your team draw attention?

Great teamwork

I asked once a team: “When do you consider yourself successful“? The reply was simply “When everybody wants to work for and with us“.

Some teams just draw the attention of the whole organisation and everybody’s wish to be part of such a team. When you enter their space you can feel the different energy, because when they are together it is more than just routine updates. 

They are present,  focused, respectful and playful allowing new ideas to rise, debated, and refined. Team members acknowledge individual contributions and this gives space to each voice to add a distinct note to their unique melody of team work.

Start a team development journey

My entry workshop serves as a foundation for teams to identify their core values and principles and their team vision, aligned with these foundational elements. From there, teams evaluate their current state and define actionable steps toward achieving their desired future, with ongoing support provided as needed.

Additionally, my specialised course for team leaders goes beyond traditional methods and frameworks, focusing on intuitive leadership, understanding team dynamics, and leading from a place of empathy and awareness.

Developing teams by empowerment.

I believe in empowering each team member to act as a leader within their given context, promoting self-management and continuous improvement rooted in deep-seated values.

What distinguishes me is my keen sensitivity to multicultural, international teams, the emphasis on value-driven leadership, and my commitment to continuous improvement integrated seamlessly into daily workflows. Unlike traditional team-building exercises lasting only a few days, I accompany teams over several months, allowing them to truly stand on their own feet and grow together.

I help teams to identify the importance of ownership, accountability, courage to make mistakes, and embrace conflicts as opportunities for growth. My methodology revolves around appreciating emergence and leveraging conflicts as catalysts for positive change.

Who benefits from team development

Leadership Teams

leadership team

Building up trust through vulnerability, authenticity and consistent communication of vision and strategy.

Business Partners

Business relationship
Align on common goals and be also in difficult times successful together.

Tribes & Communities

tribes and communities
Organise and facilitate continuous improvement by using swarm intelligence.
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Teams in general

Helping teams to go beyond methods to drive sustainable innovation.
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team development celebration


What People Are Saying

Ioannis feeds from a vast experience and expertise. I am deeply impressed with his thoughtfulness. He is a very active thinker and always open discussion. His strong social skills make him a natural and authentic coach. His expertise in a variety of frameworks and approaches. ​


Ioannis has a niche skill that is in high demand - a pro in his field of expertise, he is always articulate, reliable and great to work with. An all round great colleague and person.


Ioannis has an amazing understanding of his business. He is very professional, careful, persistent and well organized. In addition he has an excellent judgement. With his knowledge he always knew how to coordinate, accelerate and motivate the team. For me he is a very good advisor when it comes to personal development or growth.


Ioannis is a great coach, beside he is a very pleasant person to work with, he is someone who combines a number of key factors including a depth of knowledge, sharp agile instincts, highly communication skills and a great desire to help his clients be successful.



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