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Dedicated to team building & continuous improvement.​

Organisations need to adapt fast to the unexpected. For this reason they need resilient teams and a value-driven mechanism for continuous improvement.

Who benefits from my work

Leadership Teams

leadership team

Building up trust through vulnerability, authenticity and consistent communication of vision and strategy.

Business Partners

business partners Align on common goals and be also in difficult times successful together. Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

Tribes & Communities


Organise and facilitate continuous improvement by using swarm intelligence.
Photo by Jakob Dalbjörn on Unsplash

Agile Teams

Agile teams

Helping agile teams to go beyond methods to drive sustainable innovation.

 Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Why is my coaching effective?


Appropriate Tools

Purpose only does not create a great team. Team members need to get connected.

Team players appreciate teamwork and believe that can succeed only together in one team. They know how important it is to set it up right. 

Teams take time to reflect on  purpose, they define their vision and can debate over strategy. They have open discussions about roles and expectations, they  can align & define their rules. A sign for good teams is that they also regularly retrospect about their teamwork and if it meets expectations.  In order to do this they choose our tools and practices because they  go deeper than the standard so that they can create a stronger connection among each other.  This results to high trust and the willingness to take risks together.

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5 steps to kickstart a team.



Disagreements? Small or big conflicts? Not moving forward? Get unstuck.

Let’s face it. Big challenges bring difficult discussions with diverse opinions. In such cases even excellent teams need to acknowledge that they are only humans and that hey will also get stuck in debates. The ability though to get unstuck fast and continue a difficult discussion is  rewarding. It allows healthy friction for excellent results. 

Nevertheless the shift from being stuck to being curios to listen and discover is a difficult task.  In such cases  I help the teams to shift its attention  to where they want to be together. This is a fast and sustainable approach because it helps teams to get unstuck on their own.

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3 phases to align a team


Live with uncertainty

Are you ready for the next challenge? Get energy and refocus on purpose. 

Teams that are working on building innovative products and competing with time experience failure extremely often while at the same time are challenged to come up with new ideas and be creative. A positive atmosphere is mission critical for them in order to keep ideas flowing.

 I support such teams by using the strength of their relationship and brainstorming techniques that open up the mind to dream again.  Teams regain curiosity to learn and passion to succeed.  



What I offer to Organisations​


Create value for customers

Lots of organisation want to put their customer first, but they have difficulties to walk the talk. They practically still focus first on monetary goals and loose focus from what will differentiate them from competition.

I support the organisation to learn to reach their business goals by working cross-functionally towards the needs of customers in small safe steps.   


Manage difficult changes

Change can be a complex and uncertain journey and at the beginning there is naturally a lot of uncertainty. Kickstarting the change journey and getting buy-in but also ideas and support is crucial in order to avoid starting from the beginning.

I offer a powerful tool, which helps organisations to involve larger groups of employees in several small workshops  to collect input, ideas and co-create on the strategy. 


Organise improvement

Continuous improvement and adaptation are necessary in our fast changing world. Organisations have a lot of good ideas about what they can improve, but they are not sure about where to start because they are missing a strategy for improvement.

I help organisation to define their context in a cohesive way to increase emotional involvement and clarity. I use my own developed framework to continuously structure the improvement and integrate it naturally into daily work.

About Me

I’m Ioannis.
I coach teams to build their dreams

I help people align on the culture and atmosphere they need their relationship to have.

Leave differences behind once and for all , find commonalities and through the power of your purpose move forward to a more successful and happy life. Create healthy foundations to “flourish” together as one team.

I went myself through crisis and changes. I used the opportunities to learn and find my purpose.
Supporting people to (re)connect and grow also as one entity seems to be what I can currently do best.


What People Are Saying

Ioannis feeds from a vast experience and expertise. I am deeply impressed with his thoughtfulness. He is a very active thinker and always open discussion. His strong social skills make him a natural and authentic coach. His expertise in a variety of frameworks and approaches. ​


Ioannis has a niche skill that is in high demand - a pro in his field of expertise, he is always articulate, reliable and great to work with. An all round great colleague and person.


Ioannis has an amazing understanding of his business. He is very professional, careful, persistent and well organized. In addition he has an excellent judgement. With his knowledge he always knew how to coordinate, accelerate and motivate the team. For me he is a very good advisor when it comes to personal development or growth.


Ioannis is a great coach, beside he is a very pleasant person to work with, he is someone who combines a number of key factors including a depth of knowledge, sharp agile instincts, highly communication skills and a great desire to help his clients be successful.


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