Ioannis Strikos

Team Building & Coaching

Go beyond average. Build great teams by going deeper than the standard. 

Do you want your team to step out of their comfort zone and take responsibility? If you’re aiming to build a strong team, it’s like planting seeds:

It takes more than just spending time together.

Many team-building activities are like quick visits, giving a temporary boost, because they focus more on socializing than on real team development. My program develops a strong rooted tree. It is priced similar to a standard 2-day event, but is supporting your team for about 3 months.  It ensures that the roots run deep, leading to lasting growth and strength for your team.

Who benefits from my work

Leadership Teams

leadership team

Building up trust through vulnerability, authenticity and consistent communication of vision and strategy.

Business Partners

Business relationship

Align on common goals and be also in difficult times successful together.

Tribes & Communities


Organise and facilitate continuous improvement by using swarm intelligence.
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Teams in general


Helping teams to go beyond methods to drive sustainable innovation.

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I am Ioannis. I coach teams that want to be better than average. I understand that true innovation thrives on the combined efforts of diverse expertise and believe in thinking with the heart as well as the head. Therefore my strongest principle is that  the heart of success are great teams. What makes them great is their ability to appreciate their social interactions and relationships to solve difficult problems, create great product and services. 

I am one of you. I have been there myself.

My life experience and the changes I have encountered have formed me to cope with uncertainty naturally. I have been with my team through the journey that I take together with my clients. I can assist them in their own journeys with a great amount of empathy and understanding.

With me, you can be confident that your team or organisation will embark on a journey of innovation that is not only cutting-edge, but also deeply human.


What People Are Saying

Ioannis feeds from a vast experience and expertise. I am deeply impressed with his thoughtfulness. He is a very active thinker and always open discussion. His strong social skills make him a natural and authentic coach. His expertise in a variety of frameworks and approaches. ​


Ioannis has a niche skill that is in high demand - a pro in his field of expertise, he is always articulate, reliable and great to work with. An all round great colleague and person.


Ioannis has an amazing understanding of his business. He is very professional, careful, persistent and well organized. In addition he has an excellent judgement. With his knowledge he always knew how to coordinate, accelerate and motivate the team. For me he is a very good advisor when it comes to personal development or growth.


Ioannis is a great coach, beside he is a very pleasant person to work with, he is someone who combines a number of key factors including a depth of knowledge, sharp agile instincts, highly communication skills and a great desire to help his clients be successful.



My Services



I show you how to leave differences behind once and for all , find commonalities and through the power of your purpose move forward to a more successful and happy life. 

I help you to create healthy foundations to “flourish” together as one team.



I mentor young motivated product owners how to build great  relationships with their stakeholders and  how  to create iterative value-oriented  plans.. 

I help young team leads to connect with their team and learn how to coach it.



 I hold the space for your workshop  and help you to keep the big picture in mind, so that you can stay focused and take effective decisions. Vision, Strategy, Retrospectives are some examples where facilitation is important  so that you focus on participating and not on facilitating.


Public speaking

I share my knowledge and experience about the importance of relationships at work. My current talk is called “A bold step for innovation – Moving from knowledge workers to relationship workers

Topics I can help you with


Setup a new team or larger tribe.


Improve team dynamics.


Collaborate across silos.


Improve a business or private relationship


Optimise ways of working


Product exploration

Where to start?


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