I’m Ioannis. I Help Teams to Accelerate.


If I look at my personal development on a longer run what was it that helped me to grow fast as a person and as a professional?

Knowledge, methods and structure were important. Nevertheless on a long run it was the skill of social interaction: Relationship building, teaming, co-creativity, brainstorming, cultural sensitivity. When I could utilise the diversity around me that helped me really learn and grow.

Yes, I have been there myself: I was not so consious about the importance of relationship in teams for success in the past. It was clear to me that emotions are important but I was focusing more on individual EQ.

I supported mainly improvement goals that were technological and process oriented and it has been unclear how to sustainably implement psychological safety. I also said in  some occasions: This team does not have the right people.


Some teams and leaders consciously put emphasis on the culture and atmosphere they want to create and live together. Coaching such teams pointed out to be very effective. Such teams were understanding and adopting practices much easier & they were finding their own way rather than following a certain pre-defined process.


From a young age I developed curiosity about the world beyond the borders of my homeland. As a teenager I left the familiar comforts of homeland and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I was drawn to the realms of computer science and physics, where algorithms and the mysteries of artificial intelligence captured my attention. 

As I took roles in diverse countries and cultures, I encountered experiences that shaped my understanding of the world and the way people live and work together. Despite of the fascination about  science and technology, I discovered an even greater fascination such as the human nature,  relationships and the power of collaboration. 

Through encounters with people from all walks of life, I learned to appreciate that we are all humans seeking for safety, love, recognition, and purpose. I discovered nuances of communication, the essence of true leadership and came to understand that the most powerful tool at my disposal was not lines of code or equations on a chalkboard. It was rather empathy and the ability to inspire and help others to unite towards a common goal.

I was never perfect. I stumbled and made mistakes that served as humbling lessons in humility and resilience. Yet with each setback, I emerged stronger and more determined than before. I learned to try to control less and trust more.

Today, as a team coach, I share my experience with others, guiding them with compassion. And though my journey may have begun with a single step, it continues to unfold. I feel grateful for the trust I have been given, privileged to have worked for great companies and great people and received the opportunity to help others and grow. 

Understanding that the strength of a team lies in its human connections, I bring a unique approach to team development. My workshops are not just about strategies and outcomes, but about fostering a culture where every team member feels valued, understood, and motivated.


ORSC Certified
Agile Coach
Kanban Professional
Certified Scrum Master
Lean Portfolio Management