Team Development – Where could you start?

entry workshops and assessments for teams

Empower Your Team with Positiveness

In this dynamic, four-hour Entry Workshop on Team Development, team leaders will discover an uplifting approach to strengthening their teams. A unique opportunity to foster team cohesion and set the foundation for future success through a positive, values-driven approach.

Learn how to manage work effectively

Like an engine hitting the sweet spot, a team needs to find its perfect momentum. Not too fast, not too slow – just right for peak performance without burnout.

My free online training on managing the flow of work can help you onboard fast before we work together on improvement.

Find out more about your team

Take the assessments below to get a rough idea about what a great team can be, or read a couple of basic articles about team development. It is all free and accessible for everyone. 

Test your Team's Growth Mindset

Every team that wants to develop itself requires a certain degree of growth mindset. Check now online how well your team is doing.

Stages of Team Development

By knowing the stages of team development, we can guide our team from the beginning all the way to being successful. 

Are you a Good or a Great team?

What differentiates a good from a great team?
Take the short assessment and see where your team is standing.

How to Spot a Team Player

Finding team players is an essential part of building and developing a high performing team. Get some ideas how to spot them.

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