Team development – Start forming the best version of your team

Team celebrates

The following entry workshop is the first step  into your team development journey. It will help you assess your team’s current state and provide insights into how you can support your team’s growth and development.  

Your team benefits from the first hour and can also check the chemistry with the coach.

Enter your team development journey

Unlike traditional team strategy workshops that focus on challenges and maybe even conflicts, I demonstrate a path forward through celebration of successes and recognition of core values and principles that define your team’s identity and achievements.

Workshop Highlights

Celebrate success. Begin with a positive note by identifying and celebrating your team’s successes, setting a tone of appreciation and gratitude. Remember your strengths, goals and aspirations. Dream about the future and envision a success strategy that fits to your current needs.

Immediate take-aways

  • The workshop is designed to foster a positive and constructive atmosphere, where your team can openly reflect on its strengths and potential, away from the usual focus on problems.
  • As team members get to know each other and their future coach in a relaxed and positive setting, the workshop strengthens bonds and ensures compatibility, setting the stage for effective collaboration.
  • Participants leave with a clear understanding of their team’s current standing, shared values, and a concrete plan for future success, ready to implement the insights gained.

This workshop is not just an investment in team development; it’s a commitment to building a cohesive, value-driven team culture that celebrates achievements while strategically planning for future successes. Embrace this opportunity to empower your team leaders and scrum masters with the tools and mindset needed to foster an environment where growth, positivity, and collaboration flourish.


The workshop will be performed online or in person at your premises.

You can integrate this workshop in your team building activity by slitting it into 2 hours blocks (e.g. one in the morning and one in the afternoon). In between you can plan any socialising activity with your team.

Use what is important for you  as your baseline for measuring success. By following  up, you can define an improvement plan and identify what you want to improve and what kind of coaching support you might be needing. 

I believe in letting the teams themselves measure their progress against their vision, ensuring alignment with their unique principles and goals. While my coaching principles remain consistent, my services are highly customisable to accommodate the diverse needs and dynamics of each team I work with.

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