Team building – Entry and preparation workshops

Before you buy a team-building program, I suggest to test it. 

The following workshops are the entry points to my team-building-program. They will help you assess your team’s current state and provide insights into how you can support your team’s growth and development.  The team benefits from the first hour and can also check the chemistry with the coach.

Entry workshops like that help additionally to tailor the team-building program exercises to the needs and state of the team.


A short 3-4 hours workshop for any group, or team to assess in a playful way where they are standing as a team. 

What you gain:

  • Explore what makes a great team
  • Assess the current state of your team and identify improvement potential.


This is a perfect opportunity to combine team-assessment, team-building elements with vision and strategy work.

What you gain:

  • Increase awareness of the diversity in your team and how you can use it.
  • Assess current state and identify improvement potential.
  • Define / Improve your value proposition as a team.
  • Integrate product and team vision & strategy.
  • Define a strategy for continuous improvement


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