Team alignment

This 2-day workshop is designed for:

  • New teams that want to set up a solid foundation for their development and
  • already existing teams that want to re-align their teamwork and their strategy to improve their effectiveness.  

Participants in this workshop will experience the energy of becoming, or being one team. They will gain a clear understanding of the impact they have on each other when they interact and how they can use this to be more effective. Having this knowledge, they can iterate on the vision and strategy and set up a continuous improvement mechanism that will help them to take ownership of their development. 

1st Day: Team Development 

  • Team Alignment – “Playfully” discover and understand where your team currently stands and the direction you would like to go in the future
  • Team as one entity – Explore the foundation of your team’s relationship
  • Increase your awareness about team dynamics – Culture, rules, and roles in the team building process 
  • Team Building Exercises – Structure your team development process by using the Team Dynamics Canvas

2nd Day: Team objectives and how to adapt

  • Product vision and strategy – Define expectations and challenges from “inside” and “outside”
  • Develop a strategy – Learn how to focus on high-level objectives for the challenges
  • Define improvement way of working – Agree on what is needed to get started, what the next steps are, and how to organize continuous improvement (product + team + process)
  • Exercise – Learn how to iterate, reflect and adapt the Team Dynamics Canvas

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