Moving from knowledge workers to relationship workers

This talk is designed for everyone that leads, builds, or coaches teams, or works with them and is interested in understanding the connection between emotions, effective collaboration and high performance within a team. 

Although we humans are per default in relationship with each other, at work we seem to implicitly assume that the relationship has enough quality to do the job. Well, this is not always the case.  It takes time and energy to build up a strong relationship.  Without investing in building up strong relationships there will be no authentic collaboration and results will stay at an average good level. When it comes to innovation, good is not good enough. 

During my talk, I will explain why the ability to generate and sustain certain feelings at work is important in order to build relationships and thus enable effective collaboration and create high performance agile teams and sustainable growth. 

After the talk, you will know why organizations need to invest in emotional intelligence to be agile, how to appreciate small and large emotional situations in teams, how to cope with them and how to benefit from them as a team.


  • Why should organisations make the bold step and invest in developing “relationship workers”? 
  • Which are some of the most important emotions that are meaningful in team relationships? 
  • How to generate and sustain certain important emotions during daily work? 
  • What are the toxic behaviours that are counterproductive to relationships? What can teams do about them?
  • How can you use agile ceremonies to improve relationships?