Tools to work with teams

Who is this 1-day workshop for?

Experienced Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, and Facilitators who understand the critical importance of building stable teams, want to improve their systemic thinking skills, and extend their coaching range to engage their teams in an effective way. 

Participants in this workshop will experience the energy of a relationship system and gain a holistic approachto team coaching rather than focusing only on the individuals. Participants will learn new tools to resolve team issues and learn how to increase ownership of the team for its own improvement. You will also learn by being with others from your own system during the workshop. 

Benefits Part 1 – Introduction and basic tools.

  • What does it mean to work with a team – Systems coaching
  • How to create safety so that the team works with you – Create / explain context.
  • Team as one entity – Learn and experience the advantages of seeing a team as one entity.
  • Creating an alliance with your team – Why do you need permission from your team to coach and how to get it.
  • The importance of context – How to define coaching context and focus.
  • Cope with disagreement – How to coach the team to find alignment when there is no agreement.

Benefits Part 2 – How to structure the team growth process.

  • Find structure in your team development process. – Introduction to the systemic team canvas.
  • Exercise – Improve your ability to engage your team by asking the right questions

This workshop is a prerequisite for the face-to-face Coaching-Dojo event where you can exercise with others to improve your coaching skills.

Dates coming soon …