How to setup a new team for success

We need five (5) sessions to dive deep and kickstart your team.

In the first session is a classic. We explore the team’s purpose, vision and expectations. Define team’s “why”. What is the most important thing that makes the team pursue a common goal? What makes each of the team members get up in the morning? What are their expectations when each of them first joints the team?

In the second session we deal with the team strategy to become a strong team. This is something most teams do not do and it is about being conscious on becoming one team with one purpose. 

During the third session we investigate the roles among the team members. We go beyond the names, titles and visible roles, exploring and understanding roles the team members play to balance the team such as acting as a devils advocate or peace maker. This is essential so that the team understands because it already contributes in reducing conflicts to a minimum.

We continue with the fourth session going deeper and strengthening team’s relationship, using powerful tools to value work and personal accountability, leverage individual differences and validate if team works well.

Finally, during the fifth session we organise the continuous improvement of the team.We help them achieve a cohesive continuous improvement culture by educating the whole team and each one of its members to continuously identify the things they can improve within their work and their team. We empower them to take informal leadership helping their own team to make improvements.


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