Team building that ensures lasting results.

Establishing trust is crucial, yet many team-building activities have temporary results due to an emphasis on socializing rather than team development.

My program builds great teams. It is priced comparably to a standard 2-day team-building event, spans approximately 3 months, ensuring lasting results for your team.

The team will be able to use its natural diversity and drive innovation, be better self-managed and get faster out of difficult situations.

Treat your team as a leader.

At its core, my team building program is designed to transform your team into leaders who not only excel individually, but also drive change and innovation effectively as a unified force.

I equip them with the essential skills of self-awareness, self-management, and conflict resolution, enabling them to self-organize around value, build resilient bonds and high-performing potential.

The main ingredients


Teams with high levels of self-awareness  understand when and how they impact others. 

Teams can only empathise with customer needs only if they can empathise with themselves. This starts with increasing self-awareness at individual and team level.

I increase awareness about what is going on in the team e.g. how people react, communicate and provide solutions on how to improve this.


A high performing team needs to be able to take risks, cope with failure and motivate itself  to try again and improve. 

Self-motivation is crucial, especially in product development where experimentation, failure and learning have become  established strategy for sustainable innovation and growth.

I coach to strengthen the relationship in the team and to create an environment of trust. In this way the team can self-regulate and move out of difficult situations faster.


Having improved awareness and self-management the team is in a better place to collaborate to the max. It can now focus on working on the most important things.

I help teams to gain clarity and increase focus around purpose and their most important objectives.  

I facilitate great team conversations to identify opportunities and align around the most promising paths for success.  I help team to prioritise , to experiment and to learn fast to build products and services that people need.


It takes a bit more than hanging around together in order to become a great team.

My team building program emphasises the shift from a knowledge-centric approach to one that prioritizes individual motivation and relationships. It’s an approach that acknowledges the significance of emotional intelligence and the ability to recognise and manage both minor and major emotional situations within teams.

It enables team members to understand the deep connection between emotions, effective collaboration and high performance. Acting as one team, becomes natural.


3 modules that build the foundation for strong teams

Module 01.

This part aims to increase the self-awareness within the team around behaviours, emotions, values and the benefits of being and thinking as one entity.

Duration: 9 hours of online, or in person workshop at your premise. The hours can be split into 3 3-hour modules.

    • Become clear why you are together as a team and improve overall communication.
    • Improve self-awareness and find your motivators ar personal and at team level.
    • Learn to empathise better with yourself, with others and with the needs of your team.
    • Experience the impact of your emotions and behaviours on yourself and to your team members.
    • Being able to pick up your team members where they are.
    • Improve the culture around dialogues in your team.

By knowing the territory you can now start to navigate in it.

Duration: 9 hours of online, or in person workshop at your premise. The hours can be split into 3 3-hour modules.

  • Increase the degree of self-management of the team
  • Improvement of the feedback and feed forward culture
  • Faster and better aligned decisions
  • Higher level of trust in the team that leads to better accountability and taking risks.
  • Identify your team’s dynamics and strengths and learn to recognise faster the needs of your team.
  • Discover the diversity in your team and define common ground

In this module the team integrates the knowledge and experience of the last two modules by extensively practicing.

They become a team that rarely needs external intervention. This is now a very effective team building day.

Duration: 8 hours of being together in person.

  • Learn how to use all the tools and methods autonomously by exercising them in difficult situations in a safe environment.
  • Become able to align and leave differences behind faster
  • Boost motivation by practicing appreciation
  • Discover new things about your colleagues and strengthen your connection.

Note! There is a break of 3-4 weeks between module 1,2 and 3 to allow coaching on the job and give time to the team to experiment and learn.