Optimise your process

Visualize and learn to control work 

Who is this workshop for? 

Teams that want to increase efficiency, and deliver value to customers faster. 

Participants in this workshop will gain a solid foundation in the STATIK methodology which emphasizes a systems thinking approach: Looking at the flow of work as a whole and understanding how different parts of the system are interconnected. Participants will learn to balance demand and capacity, reflect on the services they provide and define their workflows.  


  • Purpose understanding: Gain clarity on your objectives and align them with organizational goals. 
  • Dissatisfaction sources: Identify areas of discontent in the current workflow and recognize improvement opportunities. 
  • Demand analysis: Assess work variability and prioritize tasks accordingly. 
  • Capability analysis: Evaluate team capacity and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Workflow modeling: Visualize and optimize the workflow using diagrams and maps. 
  • Classes of service: Define different work types and prioritize them effectively. 
  • Kanban system design: Tailor a Kanban system to match the workflow, including board design and WIP limits. 
  • Socialization and negotiation: Engage stakeholders and secure buy-in for implementing the Kanban system.