Mastering team effectiveness

Who is this 1/2 day workshop for?

Community builders, Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, and Facilitators who are driven by the desire to extend their range to effectively engage their teams, understand the critical importance of building stable teams and want to improve their systems thinking skills. 

Unlock the Team-Effectiveness-Canvas: Discover the Secrets 

  • The Art of Doing the Right Things – How to reach effectiveness and fuel exceptional performance. 
  • Relationships & Social Interactions for Success – Why relationships and social interactions in general are key for team effectiveness. 
  • Systems coaching – Introduction of the art of working smoothly with your team to create a balanced environment that fosters success. 
  • Permission Granted – How to earn your team’s trust and cooperation. Why do you need permission from your team to work with it and how to get it? 
  • Navigate the team-effectiveness canvas – Practical Insights. 
  • The Collective Force – Learn and experience the advantages of seeing a team as one entity. 
  • Fuel Growth & Collaboration – Which are the powerful and important questions you should ask your team daily? 
  • Mirrors of Growth – Learn from your own peer group dynamics.