Building Stronger Teams: The Self-Awareness-Advantage

Why is self-awareness so critical to building exceptional teams?

The answer lies in the remarkable transformation it brings to teamwork. Self-awareness isn’t just a personal trait; it’s a catalyst for a team’s overall effectiveness. It empowers team members to overcome challenges and work together cohesively, leading the team to greater success than ever before

You cannot build a team without working on improving “Self-Awareness”

Imagine a team working on an important project, with each member working in isolation, unaware of the strengths, challenges or working styles of their team-mates. Communication is like a game of broken telephone, with messages distorted and intentions misunderstood. Deadlines are missed and conflicts lie beneath the surface, damaging team morale. The result is a disorganised, ineffective and stressful working environment where the potential for success is diminished by the lack of cohesion and understanding between team members.

Imagine a team now where each member has a deep understanding of himself and how his actions impact the common mission. In such a scenario, decisions are naturally aligned with the team’s goals and values, and contributions are smoothly connected to the purpose. This increased self-awareness fosters authentic and open interactions between team members, paving the way for more effective conflict resolution and improved team dynamics.

Self-Awareness for Teams

The first part of my coaching program is helping you to increase self-awareness within a team at individual level and  around the energy of the team as a whole. 

The business benefit is tangible, with a ripple effect on meeting effectiveness and overall productivity.

Designed to fit to your workday

The workshop consists of 3 modules that can be planned in a very flexible way to fit your time schedule.

Module 1 

Understanding Self

Module 2 

Values and Personality

Module 3 

Empathise with your team

After this workshop individual team members can take responsibility for their emotional well-being and its influence on the group.  The workshop sets the stage for more productive and harmonious collaborations.

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