Agile - Leader - Coach

Treat people the way you want to be treated



Any digital transformation or project in general has an effect on people and on processes.

Agile mindset helps people to adapt to new demanding requirements and leads inevitably to company growth.

As an hands on information technology professional with a large amount of experience in agile frameworks I know my business as many experts in the market. My additional expertise is to enable people and teams to adapt, accept and finally embrace agility on their daily work. Not just following a process.

Agile Leadership

Leadership can be observed from the manager all the way to a developer. From the ideation to launch. I coach individuals and teams to realise this and use or adapt their leadership roles consiously and effectively. People grow personally and professionally and enjoy team work through leading and being lead.
Leadership is about taking responsibilty across any hierarchy and influence others in a positive way to succeed and improve.

Within a culture of collaboration and personal engagement, people learn that they are responsibile for their feelings and actions. This is a first step to improve leadership skills, reduce waste due to unsolved conflicts and provide value to the company.


Agile Coaching

I transport agile values and can make them understandable for you. In my role as an agile coach I lead by example, I can teach you, accompany you, I can motivate and challenge you and sometime even drive your nuts. Maybe we are a match, maybe we are not. But it is definetely worth a try because I can help you develope and realise that consiously taking responsibility for your actions can make you a more happy worker, a succesful manager.

You know the road you want to walk as a individual, team or a company but do now know what you will find ahead.

Agile coaching can sustainably help you during this journey to overcome obstacles in an effective way by learning and be succesful faster.


Agile Transformation

Usually agile tranformations are technology driven. But it quite clear that for a tranformation to really happen you need acceptance from all management, business and technology areas within an organisation .

A succesful transformation is a cultural change that takes several years to reach a certain level of maturity. During this time I can support to build communication bridges between the transformation areas, reaching alignment between vision and reachable goals.

How do I support the cultural change?


Propagate the vision and look ahead for 6 months or a year. Be open and direct.

Consult, facilitate

Support to establish the structure and process that fits the current needs for the present. Prepare for the near future.

Mentor and Coach

Support the right people for the right job. Give new ideas and fresh thoughts, new perspectives and accompany them through the change.

Stay tough

Evaluate, measure performance and embrace continous learning.

Be gentle

To people.